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Experience Exceptional Service

With a light touch

Experience the Finest Cuisine

With award winning service

Experience Delicious Catering

with Beautiful Food

Creativity at Play

Experiences that energize and delight


It’s your event and you want it to be perfect. We are here to make that happen for you.

To ensure your day and night are exactly how you imagine we have a dedicated team of talented and experienced chefs and planners. From your choice of venue through to your dream menu, we manage every detail and everything in between.

Ingredients for delight

We are always on a mission to delight you. It’s no accident that when we started out over a decade ago, we wanted to serve only the finest and freshest ingredients to tempt and delight your palate. Creating menus that excite requires your choices, imagination and our perfect creation. Ingredients are locally sourced, organic where possible, from farms and fisheries that have excellent husbandry. It is not enough to simply taste delicious, your guests eat with their eyes, so your food should look amazing too!